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Importance of Domain Name

By Lin Lin Kyal

If you are new to online marketing in this digital marketing industry, there are many things you need to know. Resuming as an internet marketer to make residual income might be really touching. Before you have to do anything, you have to think carefully first what you wanted to be and what you are passionate about. It will great if you can do research for what you want to do because it will be your own business and you have to do it every day. In term of doing online business, the first thing you have to is your website name, therefore, I mentioned earlier that you have to do own research first what you are passionate about and what you want to be. After doing research, depending on the niche that you chose, you can create a website.

Domain Name

Domain name is the address of your website name and most of the internet user can access the website. It is also called as url, uniform resource locator. It is unique to each website and it is also used for searching computer via online. When it comes to choosing name, you can use letters, words and number. However, most of the domain name extention is com, net , org or more.

Buying Domain name

It is true to say that buying domain name is pretty easy as long as you can afford to buy. As I explained above, you have to do research on niche name and should use google keyword planner for keyword research and knowing volume rate. Then, you can combine with your favourate name and keyword idea. But, you should make it simple and easy to memorize. Whenever we all saw hyphenated website in their address, it is a bit confusing to type. Therefore, it is better to avoid those name and complicated name. After you have your chosen domain name, you can find it if there is available from the domain name selling website.

Free or Paid Domain name

Whatever you do on free domain, it was not belong to you and it might disappear any time. If you are an amateur, it is great to get free domain name. However, if you want to do online business, it is undeniable that it is your own website and you build on the solid foundation rather than shaking one. After you bought paid domain, you can do many subdomain as well. Domain name are very cheap and you can get it as low as 0.99 per year.

Some hosting company will give you free domain name registration for the first year and they will charge you from 2nd year onwards. The domain name will be part of your own business and you should buy it from well-known company rather instead of other company who sell the cheaper one.


After checking the availability of domain name, you can buy it in terms of price and discount. Domain name registration is kind of reserving the domain name on the internet according to your annual plan. If you bought it for one year plan, it will be yours for one year and will get control panel usage and then you have to renew it before it expire. The domain and hosting company should have customer support system in term of usage and other technical questions.


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